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Goddess Collection Roll-on Perfume Oil 8 pack, choose your scent
Goddess Collection Roll-on Perfume Oil 8 pack, choose your scent

Goddess Collection Roll-on Perfume Oil 8 pack, choose your scent

Heroes and Legends Beard Company

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Channel your inner goddess with our easy to use rollerball perfume oil, available in 8 highly fragrant blends each with genuine crystals inside of the bottle. Buy all 8 for only 129.92 and save 30.00 (regularly 159.92).

0.33 fl oz/10 ml

ALECTRONA is the sun goddess and this fiery blend with citrine energizes the solar plexus chakra and clears negative energy leaving room only for happiness and light.

AMPHITRITE is the goddess of the sea and this blend is like a breath of fresh ocean air with blue apatite to eliminate blockages in all of the chakras and stimulate the third eye and throat chakras.

APHRODITE is the goddess of love and this floral romantic blend with rose quartz crystals open the heart chakra for you to receive every kind of love you need.

ARTEMIS is the goddess of the hunt also known as the huntress. This blend with protective warrior goldstone will restore balance to the sacral chakra and connect you to the healing vibrations of the earth.

ASTRAEA is known as the star maiden and this soothing blend with amethyst crystals will work with the third eye and crown chakras with its relaxing energy of contentment.

GAIA the goddess of the earth also known as mother earth. This exotic blend with the healing properties of herkimer diamonds, the most powerful of all quartz crystals will clear the chakras as well as help to activate the crown and third eye chakras and stimulate the heart chakra.

LUNA is known as the moon goddess and this calming blend with clear quartz will facilitate the flow of energy and communication helping you to live in harmony with others and the earth.

PERSEPHONE is the goddess of spring and vegetation and queen of the underworld where she lives during the off season. This wild blend with black tourmaline, one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy will put up an energetic boundary to block out unwanted energy.


Roll perfume oil at pulse points on your wrist, collar bone and behind the ears to activate and diffuse scent; one swipe is sufficient. Rubbing into skin will weaken the scent by breaking down the structure of the oils. Avoid contact with clothing as it will stain. Store in a cool, dark place as heat, light and humidity will break down the oils.


Organic fractionated coconut oil, organic marula oil, organic moringa oil, essential and fragrance oils.